What is WordPress?

Wordpress is a PHP based website creation tool. But more than that, it is one of the most powerful blogs and website content management systems today in the world. Extremely user friendly and easy to customise, Wordpress is used by developers as well as non-tech individuals over a wide range of activities. At VisitLearn we use this very simple yet extremely powerful tool to integrate it with our existing LMS infrastructure creating a collaborative environment of knowledge sharing

Why WordPress LMS Integration?

WordPress LMS is one of the most sought after courses in the market today. The reasons why you should choose us are:



Visitlearn Wordpress LMS has e-portal service which allows schools and other educational institutes to have online portals. Also like Drupal LMS, WordPress LMS also integrates with eCommerce platforms and used as online portals including an intranet
<b>Single sign-on (SSO)</b>

Single sign-on (SSO)

By login into Wordpress LMS you can easily access your LMS through single sign-on. With visitlearn Wordpress LMS you do not need multiple login information to access different platforms. You can easily access both the LMS through single login credential
<b>User connectivity</b>

User connectivity

Visitlearn Wordpress allows you to connect each new member or user to the existing group. Whenever any new users enter in the group or project wordpress LMS automatically sync that users’ info and details with the platform


Thanks to visitlearn Wordpress LMS that now you can easily sell your courses and contents online and can participate in an effective e-shopping for educational courses. You can earn a handsome revenue through the Wordpress LMS eCommerce integration

<b>Email notification</b>

Email notification

There is the option of email notification so that a student as well as the teacher can know of his or her courses. Also you will get online tracker with visitlearn Wordpress LMS that helps everyone track their progress

<b>Device Compatible</b>

Device Compatible

VisitLearn Wordpress LMS is device compatible. One can easily access it form any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop or the desktop and VisitLearn Wordpress LMS can be easily integrated with your favourite Wordpress theme

3.	Course management

3. Course management

With the Wordpress plugin for LMS, we have an unlimited world of knowledge to learn and share. There will be unlimited course wares, modules, quizzes and surveys. Every course will have embedded media for greater learning experience. You can view and manage courses from your wordpress LMS and also you can assign them to your users


As soon as you purchase your course, you will get enrolled automatically. You can purchase one course or a package of courses for multiple learners, whoever is purchasing the course/s will get enrolled automatically