What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. With VisitLearn Woocommerce LMS you can sell your online subscription as well courses in an organised manner

Why Woocommerce LMS?

Woocommerce LMS is one of the most sought after courses in the market today. The reasons why you should choose us are:

<b>Search Engine Optimisation</b>

Search Engine Optimisation

As WooCommerce LMS is a developed as wordpress plug-in, it has Search Engine Optimisation benefits. Your LMS platform will be optimised through wordpress Plug-ins

<b>Single Sign-on</b>

Single Sign-on

WooCommerce LMS will not allow multiple login credentials. One can access both the LMS platforms through single login details. If you are logged in to WooCommerce LMS you can easily access your LMS platform from there

<b>Secure payment</b>

Secure payment

Woocommerce LMS works with most payment gateway and participants can enrol for their courses after successful payment. It is secured and safe. It is safe with 128-bit SSL connectivity that includes with integration



You can design your own theme in WooCommerce LMS. You can also integrate Wordpress themes with your WooCommerce LMS themes and can make it more attractive

<b>Auto Enrol</b>

Auto Enrol

WooCommerce LMS is a secure and safe payment gateway through which if you buy your courses you will get enrolled automatically. Once the payment is been processed and made for the course or package of courses you bought, you name will be enlisted automatically

<b>Mapping and Tracking</b>

Mapping and Tracking

WooCommerce provides effective in-built tools that help you to map and track your course reports and progress. Also it helps you to know the insight of your LMS that integrates with WooCommerce



With WooCommerce LMS integration you can analyse the progress and reports of the users who are enrolled with your courses. You can have reporting tools and tracking tools to report and track the progress of the users