What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is a company that provides on-demand collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and videoconferencing applications. At VisitLearn we experiment with many different methods to provide our users with the best possible technology. Webex LMS is one such endeavour

Why Webex LMS?

Webex LMS is one of the most sought after courses in the market today. The reasons why you should choose us are:

<b>Web conference</b>

Web conference

Schedule WebEx online conferencing sessions from your VisitLearn Webex LMS as part of the course and allow users to join live WebEx conferencing sessions from within their existing LMS, with no need to switch platforms

<b>Conference recording</b>

Conference recording

Lets instructors record their lessons then make them available for review so others can watch them at their convenience. Instructors will not be required to leave LMS while recording

<b>Single Sign on  - SSO</b>

Single Sign on - SSO

You can automatically login to your VisitLearn Webex LMS instance with a simple click without the need to enter any login details. The LMS stores the WebEx ID and password to ensure Single Sign on (SSO) between the two platforms



WebEx LMS allows you to schedule and organize online classes making use of WebEx Meeting Centre, Training Centre and Event Centre services from a single interface. You can also schedule from a single session to an entire semester in mere clicks directly from the Webex LMS

<b>Advance Reporting</b>

Advance Reporting

Track what everyone is learning through tests, quizzes and surveys and create advanced reports on their performances by using in-built tools



Secure account management utilizing sophisticated encryption to ensure that account information is always secure