Mobile Learning

Mobile is such a device that every individual has today. Visitlearn takes one step forward for the trainers as well as learners to learn things more easily through smartphones. Visitlearn team offers Mobile LMS that supports smartphones. You can access your LMS platform from your mobile phones now

Students Engaging

As everyone uses mobile phones these days, so it is easier and convenient for students to get engaged with Mobile Learning. They can get the course contents anytime anywhere using their phones

Accessible for all

People who were unable to take courses for any reason such as geographical locations or any sort of disabilities can now take the courses as they will get everything in their mobile phones, despite their position and situation

Cost effective

Mobile learning is definitely cost effective because you do not need to run from one place to another. You even do not need much heavy programming system to take the courses; all you need is a smartphone and you can get everything

Social Study

Visitlearn offers Social studies for the students through mobile learning. As we know that social networking becomes much easier today with the help of smart phones, one can easily participate in any discussions and can learn by watching videos and such through mobile phones. With visitlearn mobile learning students can participate in webinars as well


Visitlearn mobile LMS integrates applications OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Apps, MS Office and such so that students can easily access their course contents


Mobile phones are such devices that everyone is using today. It is much more convenient to have m-learning than anything else. You can start your learning at anytime, anywhere as per your convenience