LMS Customization

Visitlearn has expert and experienced team to assist you with your customised LMS platform. We at visitlearn not only equip you with LMS site, but also allow you to totally own it and customise it as per your own choice

Customise at your choice

With visitlearn LMS customisation you can select and apply designs, upload your company logo, change the default layout and themes, upload contents, manage them and can do a lot of changes to make it look different from other organisations. Once you get your LMS, you own it completely. You can host it on your own and also we can help you out with hosting. Our expert team is there 24x7 at your service

Upload your videos/materials

Visitlearn LMS customisation allows users to upload different course details including questions, videos, material and other stuffs. You can try us by just providing your brand, logo and colour scheme. We will provide you layout, design, footer, navigation and other things as prototype to try our LMS service

Each LMS for each client

Visitlearn LMS customisation offers you the opportunity of having multiple LMS platforms. You can now host multiple LMS (each for every client) within your single database. Your partners and clients will get different and exclusive LMS platforms with visitlearn LMS customisation


Visitlearn LMS customisation is effective and efficient yet cheaper in cost. We do not have any hidden cost. For us, client satisfaction is much more essential than making profit

High performance

We at visitlearn believe in high performance. We develop and host LMS for you and also let you design your own LMS site. But we make sure that whatever platform you are using under visitlearn and whatever service you are getting from us should be highly efficient. We believe in quality that brings the best for your organisation

Define, design and deliver LMS layouts for new users

If you are a new LMS user and you are getting confused what to do and what not to, then let us help you with our expert consultancy and designers. We will define, design and deliver LMS layouts to you to make your site attractive and unique

Easy to handle

Our LMS platform is easy to handle and also adjacent codes can be easily installed in your system. One can handle and manage all their contents and course materials without any difficulty

Easily accessible

As our LMS platform is device friendly, so it is very easy for all to access their LMS platform from anywhere. Whether you are using mobile phones or desktops or tablets, you can access your LMS easily from any device