Course Management

Visitlearn offers course management for all those people who are willing to sell their courses through online portal. We also have massive numbers of technical courses for you to enhance your abilities and technical performance. Whether you are a student, beginner or a professional VisitLearn has everything for everyone under one roof

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Course Designing

If you have large number of course, we can designed the course lessons in such a way that everyone can access the materials. Whether you are a new to e-learning or a pro, a beginner or a professional, we have everything for all. We have a number of readymade courses for you

Post your course

Course management has become one of the most important ways of learning today. It is easy and affordable for all of you. Visitlearn provides a wide platform to post and upload your courses and start your career in no time

Course branding

We know that branding has much importance in today’s digital life. We make sure to match up with your site while designing your course. We look into every details and colour scheme while designing your course so that we can synchronise with your website

Rapid e-Learning

Visitlearn is pro at delivering rapid e-learning through which you can meet your e-learning goals such as training elearning compliance. After integrating Rapid e-learning with your LMS, it allows you to start self-paced training for all your learners. With visitlearn you can get authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate, Lectora and Atlantic Link that help you to deliver elearning projects within a couple of weeks

Mobile course management

You can manage your courses through your mobile phones as we have device friendly platforms. It definitely helps you to add/edit/remove your course contents using mobile phones

Large volume courses

If you are thinking to shift from traditional training to e-learning and thinking about how to manage the vast courses you have then Visitlearn is here to help you. We have such course management service that supports huge volume course contents. You can add/upload as many as courses you want. We have special packages for different volumes. We provide huge course integration with our LMS solution, hosted and completely managed for you


We provide gamification service for your learners. It is engaging and brings a friendly e-learning environment for the students. We can integrated games with your courses so that students can enjoy the study. This is not only fun for them but also equips them with lot of knowledge and skill