Corporate Sector

With Visitlearn's eLearning solutions you can change the performance of your employees by providing high quality training that is delivered consistently across your organization at very cost-effective investment. We address all your corporate eLearning needs. Here, at Visit Learn, we believe in driving your business eLearning with an e-business approach putting employee in the centre

Customized LMS

We offer fully customised LMS for your organisation. Develop, host and design your own corporate LMS under supervision of visitlearn expert team. You can also allow us to develop and design your LMS as per your requirement of the organisation, just give us your logo and choose the design; everything will be delivered at your doorstep. We value your time, we value your brand

Integration with existing website

Visitlearn helps you to integrate your new LMS with your old and existing website so that you can easily both the sites swiftly. Also with us, you can deploy front-end virtual technologies with the LMS system

Handle Multiple Clients

With vistlearn you can manage huge numbers of clients, partners, vendors and such within single illustration of your LMS. Not only extensive number of organisation but also you can easily manage diverse departments through single database. It is 100% secure as partners, customers can easily access their LMS without making it public

Video Conferencing

Visitlearn successfully integrates with several video conferencing platforms such as WebEx, Google Hangout, Adobe Connect and such to provide you best experience in video conferencing. Our team offers high definition video quality and swift service for your organisation


We believe that it is important to have strong bonding and communication with your colleagues in your workplace. We offer gamification service that brings not only performance enhancement but also helps you to strengthen the communication between your employees. With visitlearn corporate gamification service you can engage your learners and also by attempting mini-games you can make them knowledgeable

Social study

Our corporate LMS allows you to participate in quizzes, discussions or collaborations through various social networking sites. Social networking tools such as wikis, twitter, facebook, discussion forums and such places will enhance the skill of the learners. You can improve your employees’ skills and knowledge through these tools like blogs, social networking and forums and so on

eCommerce integration

Our LMS integrates with various eCommerce platforms such as Drupal and WooCommerce through which you can easily sell your contents and earn handsome revenue. Our LMS with eCommerce integration has Single Sign –On feature where you can handle couple of platform through signing on to one single platform. Once your LMS is sold, our auto-enrolment feature will automatically enrol your name in our database

Device friendly

Our LMS platform is device friendly, especially mobile friendly. You can access your platform and contents at anytime from anywhere through your smart phone. Also you can get them on your tablet or computer

Scorm / Tin Can API

Our LMS is Scrom compliant and also it supports Tin Can – API. Irrespective of the nature of the authoring tool you are using, we offer swift and smooth loading of your contents

Payment Plans and Coupons

Visilearn provides the service of different payment plans and coupons with which users can get discount and diverse pricings for their courses. Also we are offering monthly basis subscription service which allows our clients to manage and control their contents